Sunday, July 03, 2005

Where Does Your Voice Come From?

Where Does Your Voice Come From?
By Ra Uru Hu
It is astonishing how little human beings know about their own nature. Take for example the human voice. Where does it come from? If you ask somebody where their voice comes from, they are going to tell you that the words that come out of their mouth originate in their mind. We tend to be mind oriented. We tend to assume that what we say has been nurtured mentally. We know very little about the actual mechanics of our voice. The focus of the Human Bodygraph is the throat center. The throat center is our center of manifestation, our center of metamorphosis. Biologically, this is where the thyroid glands are. The thyroid and the para-thyroid are endocrine glands which control our metabolism, whether we're fast or slow, big or small. All roads lead to Rome. All roads lead to the throat center. Everything about being a human being is about manifesting. Manifesting has two aspects to it. There is verbal manifestation. It is called communication. This is one of the primary functions of the throat center. The throat center is there to manifest speech. It acts like the diaphragm of your stereo speaker. Anything connected to the throat will speak through the throat, not just simply the mind. The body has four motors: the heart center (the ego and will-power), the solar plexus (the emotions), the root center (adrenaline and stress) and the sacral center with its generative capacity. The second function of the throat center is to physically manifest, to act rather than speak. When the throat is connected through definition to one or any of the four motors, then you have somebody who is a doer. Now, let's return to the first function and think about where our voice actually comes from. Imagine the throat is connected to the heart center. The heart center is the place of our ego. It's the place of willpower. And when that ego is connected through definition to the throat it speaks in the language we all recognize. It says "I", "I", "me", "mine". We know what the general response is to these people. "Why do you always have to talk about yourself?". "Why do you have to be so selfish?". "Why are you such an egoist?". They get conditioned by everyone around them. "Don't be an egoist.", the conditioners demand. The heart center in its biological relationship is connected to our heart, the physical muscle of the heart and the stomach. The moment that somebody whose voice is an ego voice is suppressing that voice is the moment that they are going to have physical problems associated with the heart and stomach. If you have a throat connected to the emotional system by definition, to the solar plexus, you have somebody who is going to cry taking out the garbage. You know what everybody says to them, "Why do you have to be so emotional?". "Why can't you control yourself?". Of course, what the majority are forced to do is try desperately to take control of themselves as a response to the conditioning pressure. They literally give up any hope of ever being themselves. You cannot control what is fixed and defined in you. You cannot suppress it without risking your very health. If you do not know where your voice comes from you are always at the conditioning mercy of others. When the throat is connected to the Ajna center, to the mind, then the mind can speak. There are so many people whose minds, whose ajna centers, are not connected to the throat or whose ajna centers are open and undefined. They are frustrated throughout their life that they never say what they want to say. They think there is something wrong with them. It is not true. We do not know where our voice comes from. When you do know where your voice comes from, it makes an enormous difference in your life. You can express yourself as you are, and not feel guilty in doing so. You can have the understanding to recognize that this is your nature, that if you are an egoist, and you speak through your "I", that is all you can do. It is after all your nature to be that way. We have vast generalizations that are at work in our civilization. We have our prejudices about this way or that way of expressing ourselves. The throat is very complex. It has eleven gates, eleven different potential voices. Think about what it is like for somebody whose throat is open and undefined. We know the defined throat is going to speak and it's going to speak in a voice depending on what it's connected to. The undefined throat is turned on by conditioning and is therefore inconsistent.. If you're at a dinner party, and there are five or six people with a defined throat and one person with an undefined throat, it is the undefined throat that is doing all the talking. They're blabbing all night. Their throat is under enormous pressure from everyone else and when they get home that evening that throat is physically sore. Think about the nature of the undefined throat in a partnership. Your partner has their throat defined, and they have it defined in a specific way. So for example, they have it defined through the channel between the throat and the ego. The ego will speak through the throat and its language will be possessive in expression. "I have" or "I don't have". You have an undefined throat, and your lover has this whole channel and every time you have a conversation together it's always through that channel.Not surprisingly, whether you like it or not, he conversation is always about what you have and what you don't have and it's always material. It is not your voice.It means that the other ten ways that you would have as an opportunity to be able to express yourself, are not available to you. Not only that but you become conditioned to seeing everything in terms of what you have and what you don't have which is not natural to your nature, but the result of conditioning.It is not just a question that you don't know where your voice comes from. In not knowing your Design, your mechanics, you don't know how you're being conditioned verbally by others. It is not that they are doing anything wrong or they are bad. They don't have any choice in the matter. They are unaware of their own design.The throat center is where you manifest and where you articulate, To recognize how things work within you, takes a vast burden off your shoulders. You don't have to be what you're not. You don't have to be under pressure to be what you're not. You can learn to recognize when the forces around you are unhealthy for you, because they do not allow you to be yourself.

Who Has Free Will?
The heart center is one of the body’s four motors. The heart center despite appearances with only four gates is deeply complex. Each gate represents a different biological aspect in our life: the heart muscle itself, the stomach, the gall bladder system and our thymus gland. It is very profound and very powerful. It is a motor and it is the motor that produces energy called "willpower". There is a grand illusion; one of the generalizations that haunt humanity, that "free will" is given. It is not. There are those in the world who have access to willpower consistently. That is, when the ego is defined and connected to the throat or when the ego is defined and connected to the sacral. Only through definition can the ego and its willpower emerge consistently. There are vast numbers of people who are born with undefined ego centers, undefined willpower, and inconsistent willpower. Given the nature of what it is to be a human being, the need to aggressively deal with survival, willpower is something that is exalted. Human beings are seen as handicapped when they do not have this willful capacity. There are so many undefined ego people who have been humiliated into therapies, who have suffered terribly within themselves because of what they perceive as failed will. When somebody comes for an individual analysis with me, and they have an undefined heart center, the first thing that I say to them is never, never make a promise. Once you understand the nature of your type, you will recognize how you are able to deal with the world. If you have an undefined ego center, there is no way that you can be willful and be successful in that willfulness. Ignorance is pervasive. Human Design is a basic educational tool. It belongs with reading and writing and arithmetic. It belongs to children. Imagine what it is like to have an undefined ego center and you are a smoker and you want to quit. You go to a therapist and the therapist happens to have a defined ego, a fixed ego. The therapist is willful. The moment that you sit down with them, they condition you. They fill you up with their ego power. Human beings have an aura. It is very important to grasp the power of what your physical aura is. You don't have to see it as shining glowing phenomena; just recognize that the real exterior of your energy field goes beyond the surface of your skin. Generally speaking, the aura is about twice as long as your outstretched arm in all directions around you. You are at the center of a sphere. It fluctuates. The moment that you step into somebody's aura, you meet them at the mechanical level as well as the conscious level. When you step into the therapist’s office to get help in quitting smoking, you step into their aura and you step into their defined ego. Centers that are white, that are undefined, the moment that they are connected to a defined center, they not only reflect that center, but they magnify it.Reflection and magnification is very important to grasp. When the therapist says to you, "you will", you've got their ego inside of you and it's even stronger than theirs now because you're magnifying it and you say "I will, I will, I will". When the session is over and you go outside, you walk down the street and at the first tobacco stand; you stop, turn and buy yourself a package of cigarettes, light up and feel horrible. It wasn't your willpower. It was conditioned in you. The moment that you broke the aura, you went back to having an undefined, an open ego system that operates inconsistently. Think about how much damage has been done by ego people trying to empower undefined ego people and what kind of pain those undefined people have met in their life when their promises collapse. It is not just that they have to deal with disappointment in others, and the disappointment within themselves, but how strongly this creates a sense of inadequacy in life. It is not true. Life is not about being willful for them. If you have a defined ego and that defined ego can manifest or generate, reach the throat or the sacral, then you can be willful. You can make promises. It doesn't mean, by the way, that you can keep them. It does mean that you will work. When you say to somebody, " I promise I will see you tomorrow", you'll be there. The undefined ego, the open ego, when it promises, "I'll see you tomorrow", will not be able to work at it the next day and then feels guilty. The broken promises add up and that leads to deterioration in the self-confidence and poor relationships. There is no fault, only a lack of understanding of basic mechanics. It is just mechanical. If you honor what you are, and you do not give authority to what you are not, then you are going to be healthy and you're going to have your life. If you have an undefined ego center and you keep on making promises, you are going to do physical damage to your body. You are going to hurt your heart and your stomach. You are going to hurt your immune system.Being yourself is more than just being at ease in life. Awareness is beautiful but health is better. When you recognize, except and live your own nature, you get both.