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What are the Types Concerned with?

This is what each type is concerned with. For example, when getting involved in something this is where they will be coming from:

Generator: Wanting to know Who am I?
(so I know when something is right for me to be involved with, where to put my sacral energy).

Reflector: Wanting to know Who we are.
(through understanding the 'collective we' they know their place).

Manifestor: Wanting to know Who can I impact?
(so they know who to inform).

Projector: Wanting to know Who sees me?
(by knowing themselves they know when someone sees the true self so they know where they belong).

Lynda Bunnell

Where Does Your Voice Come From?

Where Does Your Voice Come From?
By Ra Uru Hu
It is astonishing how little human beings know about their own nature. Take for example the human voice. Where does it come from? If you ask somebody where their voice comes from, they are going to tell you that the words that come out of their mouth originate in their mind. We tend to be mind oriented. We tend to assume that what we say has been nurtured mentally. We know very little about the actual mechanics of our voice. The focus of the Human Bodygraph is the throat center. The throat center is our center of manifestation, our center of metamorphosis. Biologically, this is where the thyroid glands are. The thyroid and the para-thyroid are endocrine glands which control our metabolism, whether we're fast or slow, big or small. All roads lead to Rome. All roads lead to the throat center. Everything about being a human being is about manifesting. Manifesting has two aspects to it. There is verbal manifestation. It is called communication. This is one of the primary functions of the throat center. The throat center is there to manifest speech. It acts like the diaphragm of your stereo speaker. Anything connected to the throat will speak through the throat, not just simply the mind. The body has four motors: the heart center (the ego and will-power), the solar plexus (the emotions), the root center (adrenaline and stress) and the sacral center with its generative capacity. The second function of the throat center is to physically manifest, to act rather than speak. When the throat is connected through definition to one or any of the four motors, then you have somebody who is a doer. Now, let's return to the first function and think about where our voice actually comes from. Imagine the throat is connected to the heart center. The heart center is the place of our ego. It's the place of willpower. And when that ego is connected through definition to the throat it speaks in the language we all recognize. It says "I", "I", "me", "mine". We know what the general response is to these people. "Why do you always have to talk about yourself?". "Why do you have to be so selfish?". "Why are you such an egoist?". They get conditioned by everyone around them. "Don't be an egoist.", the conditioners demand. The heart center in its biological relationship is connected to our heart, the physical muscle of the heart and the stomach. The moment that somebody whose voice is an ego voice is suppressing that voice is the moment that they are going to have physical problems associated with the heart and stomach. If you have a throat connected to the emotional system by definition, to the solar plexus, you have somebody who is going to cry taking out the garbage. You know what everybody says to them, "Why do you have to be so emotional?". "Why can't you control yourself?". Of course, what the majority are forced to do is try desperately to take control of themselves as a response to the conditioning pressure. They literally give up any hope of ever being themselves. You cannot control what is fixed and defined in you. You cannot suppress it without risking your very health. If you do not know where your voice comes from you are always at the conditioning mercy of others. When the throat is connected to the Ajna center, to the mind, then the mind can speak. There are so many people whose minds, whose ajna centers, are not connected to the throat or whose ajna centers are open and undefined. They are frustrated throughout their life that they never say what they want to say. They think there is something wrong with them. It is not true. We do not know where our voice comes from. When you do know where your voice comes from, it makes an enormous difference in your life. You can express yourself as you are, and not feel guilty in doing so. You can have the understanding to recognize that this is your nature, that if you are an egoist, and you speak through your "I", that is all you can do. It is after all your nature to be that way. We have vast generalizations that are at work in our civilization. We have our prejudices about this way or that way of expressing ourselves. The throat is very complex. It has eleven gates, eleven different potential voices. Think about what it is like for somebody whose throat is open and undefined. We know the defined throat is going to speak and it's going to speak in a voice depending on what it's connected to. The undefined throat is turned on by conditioning and is therefore inconsistent.. If you're at a dinner party, and there are five or six people with a defined throat and one person with an undefined throat, it is the undefined throat that is doing all the talking. They're blabbing all night. Their throat is under enormous pressure from everyone else and when they get home that evening that throat is physically sore. Think about the nature of the undefined throat in a partnership. Your partner has their throat defined, and they have it defined in a specific way. So for example, they have it defined through the channel between the throat and the ego. The ego will speak through the throat and its language will be possessive in expression. "I have" or "I don't have". You have an undefined throat, and your lover has this whole channel and every time you have a conversation together it's always through that channel.Not surprisingly, whether you like it or not, he conversation is always about what you have and what you don't have and it's always material. It is not your voice.It means that the other ten ways that you would have as an opportunity to be able to express yourself, are not available to you. Not only that but you become conditioned to seeing everything in terms of what you have and what you don't have which is not natural to your nature, but the result of conditioning.It is not just a question that you don't know where your voice comes from. In not knowing your Design, your mechanics, you don't know how you're being conditioned verbally by others. It is not that they are doing anything wrong or they are bad. They don't have any choice in the matter. They are unaware of their own design.The throat center is where you manifest and where you articulate, To recognize how things work within you, takes a vast burden off your shoulders. You don't have to be what you're not. You don't have to be under pressure to be what you're not. You can learn to recognize when the forces around you are unhealthy for you, because they do not allow you to be yourself.

Who Has Free Will?
The heart center is one of the body’s four motors. The heart center despite appearances with only four gates is deeply complex. Each gate represents a different biological aspect in our life: the heart muscle itself, the stomach, the gall bladder system and our thymus gland. It is very profound and very powerful. It is a motor and it is the motor that produces energy called "willpower". There is a grand illusion; one of the generalizations that haunt humanity, that "free will" is given. It is not. There are those in the world who have access to willpower consistently. That is, when the ego is defined and connected to the throat or when the ego is defined and connected to the sacral. Only through definition can the ego and its willpower emerge consistently. There are vast numbers of people who are born with undefined ego centers, undefined willpower, and inconsistent willpower. Given the nature of what it is to be a human being, the need to aggressively deal with survival, willpower is something that is exalted. Human beings are seen as handicapped when they do not have this willful capacity. There are so many undefined ego people who have been humiliated into therapies, who have suffered terribly within themselves because of what they perceive as failed will. When somebody comes for an individual analysis with me, and they have an undefined heart center, the first thing that I say to them is never, never make a promise. Once you understand the nature of your type, you will recognize how you are able to deal with the world. If you have an undefined ego center, there is no way that you can be willful and be successful in that willfulness. Ignorance is pervasive. Human Design is a basic educational tool. It belongs with reading and writing and arithmetic. It belongs to children. Imagine what it is like to have an undefined ego center and you are a smoker and you want to quit. You go to a therapist and the therapist happens to have a defined ego, a fixed ego. The therapist is willful. The moment that you sit down with them, they condition you. They fill you up with their ego power. Human beings have an aura. It is very important to grasp the power of what your physical aura is. You don't have to see it as shining glowing phenomena; just recognize that the real exterior of your energy field goes beyond the surface of your skin. Generally speaking, the aura is about twice as long as your outstretched arm in all directions around you. You are at the center of a sphere. It fluctuates. The moment that you step into somebody's aura, you meet them at the mechanical level as well as the conscious level. When you step into the therapist’s office to get help in quitting smoking, you step into their aura and you step into their defined ego. Centers that are white, that are undefined, the moment that they are connected to a defined center, they not only reflect that center, but they magnify it.Reflection and magnification is very important to grasp. When the therapist says to you, "you will", you've got their ego inside of you and it's even stronger than theirs now because you're magnifying it and you say "I will, I will, I will". When the session is over and you go outside, you walk down the street and at the first tobacco stand; you stop, turn and buy yourself a package of cigarettes, light up and feel horrible. It wasn't your willpower. It was conditioned in you. The moment that you broke the aura, you went back to having an undefined, an open ego system that operates inconsistently. Think about how much damage has been done by ego people trying to empower undefined ego people and what kind of pain those undefined people have met in their life when their promises collapse. It is not just that they have to deal with disappointment in others, and the disappointment within themselves, but how strongly this creates a sense of inadequacy in life. It is not true. Life is not about being willful for them. If you have a defined ego and that defined ego can manifest or generate, reach the throat or the sacral, then you can be willful. You can make promises. It doesn't mean, by the way, that you can keep them. It does mean that you will work. When you say to somebody, " I promise I will see you tomorrow", you'll be there. The undefined ego, the open ego, when it promises, "I'll see you tomorrow", will not be able to work at it the next day and then feels guilty. The broken promises add up and that leads to deterioration in the self-confidence and poor relationships. There is no fault, only a lack of understanding of basic mechanics. It is just mechanical. If you honor what you are, and you do not give authority to what you are not, then you are going to be healthy and you're going to have your life. If you have an undefined ego center and you keep on making promises, you are going to do physical damage to your body. You are going to hurt your heart and your stomach. You are going to hurt your immune system.Being yourself is more than just being at ease in life. Awareness is beautiful but health is better. When you recognize, except and live your own nature, you get both.

The Nine Centers

The Nine Centers

The foundation of the Rave Body Graph circuitry is the nine centers.

Head - Inspiration - Pineal
Ajna - Mind - Anterior & Posterior Pituitary
Throat - Manifestation - Thyroid & Para-Thyroid
G - The Self - Liver
Heart - Ego - Thymus/Stomach
Spleen - Immunity - Lymphatic System
Solar Plexus - Emotions - Kidney/Pancreas
Sacral - Fertility - Ovaries & Testes
Root - Kundalini - Adrenalin

The nine centers have different responsibilities and are associated with different biologies and biological functions. The centers (except the G and Throat) have group functions:

The Pressure Centers - Head and Root
The Motors - Heart, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Root
The Centers of awareness - Spleen, Ajna & Solar Plexus

The Throat center and the G center have unique functions within the circuitry. Whatever the potential may be of any center, only Definition indicates whether this center is active or not. Definition is a graphic key to analysis. There are channels throughout the body Graph. These channels act as connecting agents to bring together the potentials of the centers into an integrated system.

There are numbered Gates throughout the Body Graph. They are activated by the planets at the moment of birth. When the gates have been activated at either end of a channel, opening up the flow of information between the two, this is called Definition. This is graphically illustrated by coloring in the entire channel and the linked centers. Definition is by its very nature fixed, it does not change. It is the most stable feature of an individual's Design. What is defined in the individual Rave Chart will always be defined until the end of the Life. It does not change. It is therefore consistent and reliable.

Definition is the heart of Design Analysis. It is the basic binary. It is either on or off. There is no gray area. Since Definition is consistent throughout the life and can be relied upon, it is in fact our true nature. It is not however, the nature that an individual necessarily lives out. All human Designs are variations of ratios between what is defined and what is not. It is not a question of which is better. They are different. Where Definition is consistent and reliable, lack of Definition is inconsistent, unreliable and always open to conditioning. This is the most profound and accessible feature of Human Design circuitry. Written above the ancient Oracle of Delphi was the statement, "Know Thyself." It is our sole human purpose. There can be no surrender without absolute self-knowledge.

It is quite common for students of Design to begin with the notion that Definition is superior to lack of Definition. The value of Definition is that it is reliable, an anchor, but it is fixed and therefore limited. Areas without Definition are open and therefore have a wide potential for experience. The key is awareness not Definition. To understand where you are subject to conditioning, frees the individual from identifying with the conditioning and opens up a window to awareness. More important, in terms of the human life experience, in a world where everyone was completely defined, we would never want or need each other!

written by Ra Uru Hu

Manifesting Generator

When a motor is connected to the Throat center through definition, we have a manifestor. General, because it’s not true for the Sacral to the Throat. This is often misleading. Technically, the connection of the Sacral motor to the Throat is a manifestor. However, because of the involvement of the Sacral center, though appearing to be a manifestor in fact can only live out its nature by following the strategy of a generator. Since the Throat is defined, the response can be in words rather than sounds. The point is not to initiate. To wait to have the manifesting power attract others and then honor the response. It is a great lesson learned when the manifesting generator can wait.
Ra Uru Hu

Difference in Waiting Strategy between Generators and Projectors

I'm not sure who wrote this but found it this morning. Enjoy.

Q: I was wondering what you think: how does the projector's invitation differ from the response of the generator? Of course, there is the obvious sacral response, but what I mean is for example - the ad at the bottom of update 50 seeking a programmer for Jovian Net. This seems directed toward generators. Would this also apply to projectors? Or is the difference that the projector's invitation must come personally? A: Your question is a very important one; the difference between the generator strategy and the projector strategy.

The difference lies in the energy. As you know, generators are energy types and projectors are non-energy types. Thus, the waiting of an energy type is very different from the waiting in a non-energy type. As you also probably know, the generator with all that stockpiled energy gets very frustrated. Most of the time the frustration arises because they already tried to manifest and are currently doing the wrong thing with their energy. The moment they stop trying to pursue something; a goal, an idea etc, their energy falls into its natural state and the universe begins to spin around them in a correct manner. Then the moment-to-moment response begins to kick in, and over time, seeing their life begin to blossom, they begin to relax. They begin to realise that life always finds a way of prodding them. At this point life starts becoming their friend, instead of something they are always trying to dominate and control.

The projector on the other hand has a different kind of wait. You might assume that because they have no sacral constantly trying to get them to move, that they have an easier wait. It's not true. If anything, waiting is harder for a projector. It's harder because they cannot immediately see their energy working in response. The moment a projector knows their design, they have more to risk than anyone else. The generator leaves their reading and can begin their experiment the moment they leave the house; they can see that waiting for a taxi brings one much more quickly than trying to find a phone and track down a taxi-number and order one. Response is immediate because life itself is the initiator.

The projector has to realise that people are the key for them. Invitations almost always come from people, one way or another, and they always have the flavour of recognition. Because the projector has no sacral, they are always running off the energy of others. Thus the quality of that energy becomes most important of all. Projectors can never fulfil their destiny without others coming to them. Projectors are guides. They have to wait for invitations that speak specifically to them. Such invitations are rare. They are rare, but if the projector waits, they will come. A single correct invitation can keep a projector busy for the rest of their life. The projector's challenge is to kill the programme inside them that runs off fear. It is the fear that they will not get a better opportunity, so they make a compromise with someone who doesn't recognise them. Projectors are great at talking themselves into compromising, and in doing so, they always short-change themselves and end up feeling bitter inside somewhere.

The other difference between the 2 strategies of the generator and projector is that the generator's strategy is forever; they have to wait and respond over and over again until they die. The projector strategy only holds for the most important decisions in their life; job, relationships, where to live, travel etc.....

The moment the projector has received the invitation and been given the energy, they no longer have to wait. Naturally, it is always optimal for them to wait for instance, to be invited to speak, but once the energy has found them, they have access to clear manifesting power. Projector's lives hinge on these key moments; these key invitations. They have to be ruthless in turning away even a hint of compromise.

So, you see, it is not a simple question to answer in a few words. In response to your question about an advertisement, yes, that is a preliminary invitation of course, but the real invitation will only show itself (or not) after you have applied for the job. If the interview offers you exactly what you need, and I mean, exactly, only then can you consider that these are people that you can work with. If it sounds 80 percent OK to you and you need the money, go ahead and compromise, but it's not the job for you, and you will have closed the door on the right job coming your way. It's the fear that does this to projectors, it's always the same fear. Do you see how deep it is? ; the fear of not being seen.

These two types comprise over 90% of humanity. They need each other. There are more than enough of each type to go around. Waiting always brings the reward. I once heard a lady ask Ra Uru Hu; "OK, but how long will I have to wait?" and, fixing her with his beady eye, he told her," lady, you can't be half-pregnant.

Lynda Bunnell


A tidbit From Ra:

Never forget that everybody is making an essential contribution to the totality and in many ways making contributions that are really quite profound without them ever, ever having any notion of that whatsoever. The program is designed in a way in which it recognizes that we are immature, and have a ways to go. It will allow us slowly but surely to finally fall into this Maya, so that we can complete in a conscious state what our contribution is. You do not get to see what you are here for until you are living out your nature in this Maya – only then. With the embrace of the Maya, understanding how it works, everything changes. It doesn't get in the way.

There are some people who despite whatever their gifts, powers or whatever may be, who have no presence. You don't really feel them. You don't really have a sense of them. They are the kind of people who you always forget that they were there at the party. They are the ones that you can't quite remember. They don't really have this presence. You have to see that one of the real gifts of type is that it provides you with presence. I mean this is one of the most important byproducts of what type brings. Presence is about not being resisted but being noticed. It is always about some kind of attractive force that pulls you in one way or another toward something or someone.

If you are a generator, and I speak of generators because they are the vast majority, and you are living out your type waiting to respond, you naturally have presence. It's just there, and it will define you. The longer that you live out that process of being your type, the more and more you enrich and strengthen that sense of presence. In other words, you get noticed more because your energy is different. Your energy is actually in the flow, and one with the field that is around it. If we could take some kind of energy image of a human being showing how much of him is dealing with resistance, and then of somebody who is simply living out their type, you would see that her resistance field is gone. The moment that the resistance field is gone, what takes its place is presence.

Lynda Bunnell

The Four Motors

The Four Motors

The Energy to Manifest

The Heart: Ego, Will Power, Thymus, Stomach
The Solar Plexus: Emotions, Kidney/Pancreas
The Sacral: Power of Fertility, Ovaries and Testes
The Root: Kundalini, Adrenalin

The quality of the motor determines the nature of the action and how it is perceived. If the throat is defined to the Heart center, the resulting action and speech will be fueled by will power and bolstered by the ego. The Throat defined to the Solar Plexus will fuel all conversations and actions with its emotional quality.

The ability to analyze a Rave chart despite what appears to be a complexity of material, is based on Common Sense. When the Throat is connected to the Heart, to the ego, it is obvious that all the actions and communications will carry the ego's quality and its willl power energy, regardless of whether the person wishes to be willful or not. It will be a quality that always defines them.

Overview analysis is based on having a strong foundation. The foundation is the simple truths, out of these simple truths all of the complexity grows. Where your energy comes from tells you a great deal about yourself and how to affect others. The Root center is the only motor that has no direct access to the Throat center. Its individual quality is always masked by the center it is defined to.

The four motors should not be misconstrued as simply being engines which empower the "Vehicle." Their function as motors is an aspect of their potential. Both the Solar Plexus and the Root as an example, have dual functions. The Solar Plexus is also one of the three centers of awareness, along with the Ajna and the Spleen, and this emotional awareness potential is of the utmost importance to humanity. It was noted above that the Root does not connect directly to the Throat. It is by far the most fundamental energy source. Except for the mental processes, there is not a single aspect of manifestation that is not dependent on Root energy. The ancients referred to this prime energy as Kundalini. With its biological affiliation to the Adrenal Glands, it is not difficult to imagine the power inherent in the Root center.

Like the Solar Plexus, the Root center has a dual function. It is one of the Body Graph's two Pressure centers.

Lynda Bunnell

The Two Pressure Centers are The Fuel Stations

The Two Pressure Centers are The Fuel Stations

The Head Center - The Pressure of Inspiration
The Root Center - The Pressure of Kundalini

The Pressure centers are symbolic of the expression, so above, so below. The Head and Root represent this reality and both of them exert pressure.

The Head center represents the pressure which fuels our conceptualizing processes. It is a pressure to form a mental conceptualization of the world and life. It is the pressure to be self-conscious and to ultimately express the awareness through verbal communication. The Head center is associated with the Pineal Gland. It is the Pineal which controls the flow of information between the massive gray areas of the Brain and the Neo-Cortex. It is through the Neo-Cortex, we humans experience our mental organization of our reality. The Head center, the center of Inspiration is not Aware! It is a Fuel, releasing information, data to the Ajna center for potential mental awareness processing.

Head Center Pressure:

Gate 64: The Pressure to Realize
Gate 63: The Pressure to Formulize
Gate 61: The Pressure to Rationalize

The Root center represents the pressure which fuels our evolution. It is the pressure to evolve and adapt to the world and life. It is the pressure to be. Root energy is essential for every aspect of manifestation in our lives.

Root Pressure:

58: The Pressure to Perfect
38: The Pressure to Struggle
54: The Pressure to Transform
19: The Pressure to be Sensitive
39: The Pressure to Emote
41: The Pressure to Feel
53: The Pressure to Complete
60: The Pressure to Mutate
52: The Pressure to Concentrate

Lots of pressures!

Lynda Bunnell

The Rave I'Ching

Hi all,

I wanted to explain some detail about the Rave I'Ching and how to use it.

For those of you who don't know, the Rave I'Ching is a book that gives a brief description of the Hexagram (Gate) and a description of each of the 6 lines for each Gate. You will also see the names of the Incarnation Crosses. This book was written by Ra Uru Hu.

Looking at a specific detail of a chart is tricky because the whole is the sum of it's parts and if you pull just a part and look at that without the whole it won't make much sense. So, keep in mind the type, strategy, authority, defined centers/channels/gates when you look at a line. Always step back and look at the bigger picture.

What you will find as you begin to study charts is a thing called "genetic continuity". The pieces seem to have continuity and a theme that relates back to the type/strategy/authority/profile/cross. It always does. You begin to see a theme for the life. You begin to see the paradox in the life and the complexities.

What I have noticed for myself is that it takes time to understand lines. Some of them read like riddles or poetry. Don't look too closely at them because you can get easily confused. Just as the I'Ching (Chinese Book of Changes) can take a lifetime to understand, the lines take time and they make much more sense if read and digested in context with the entire chart. It's best to start with your own chart and meditate on your own lines over time, or at least this is what has worked for me.

So, if you have your I' Ching, go to page 11 and we will use this as an example. On this page you will see the "chop" for the Hexagram 11 = Peace. The gate of Ideas. You will see a description of the gate: "A Harmonic condition in the individual or society that permits assessment before renewed action." This statement is a description of the Hexagram (gate).

Then below this are the lines and their descriptions. There are two sets of descriptions. One sounds positive and one sounds negative. It is the "this" and the "that" of the line. Or the light and the dark. We all get to experience the light and the dark. When we following our strategy and authority we get to experience more of the light. When we are acting from the "not-self" we get to experience more of the dark. You will recognize yourself in each of these areas when you read your own lines.

There is a name for each of the six lines as well. Sometimes the name of the line says it all and you don't have to read the lines at all.

The 1st line description for every Hexagram will give you the foundational understanding of the Hexagram.

You will see in some cases, on this page a one sentence line introduction in blue. This is not the case for all lines, only some. So, when there is a description in blue it means that this is what you are learning. If there is no blue description then it is just a given. So, some lines are a learning process and some lines are simply just as they are, a characteristic of you.

OK - now it gets even more complex:

You will see in the book that there are planet glyph associated with the lines listed next to them.

Because the planets are in a particular position in the sky at the moment of birth and they will activate the Hexagram and a line within that hexagram when you are born.

If certain planets activate certain lines then they "fix" that line either in detriment or exaltation and this is noted by the up pointed pyramid or the down pointed pyramid you will see on your chart, and on page 11 in the book (and on all the pages in the book).

So, for example, if you look at page 11, line 4 you will see that the moon exalts this line and the sun puts it into detriment. Meaning, if you have your moon in your chart in the 11th Hexagram, line 4, then this position is exalted. This means that most of the time you experience the more positive description of the characteristics of this line in this Hexagram. It does not mean that you never experience the negative side of this line but the positive side is emphasized in your design.

And, if you have the Sun in your design in this Hexagram and line then you will experience the more negative influence of this line.

Keep in mind though when we speak of positive and negative I'm only speaking of this and that and there is no judgment of good or bad. I have a couple of detriments in my design and I know they are perfect for me in context with my overall design. So it is important not to see this as bad.

The influences of the negative aspects of the lines via not-self are far far worse an experience than the permanent fix's we have in our designs!

Ok - so this basically explains the I'ching and how to use it.

This next piece is very fascinating:

Composite charts and transits can put our lines in exaltations or detriments too. So for example, if I had Hexagram 11, line 4 and someone's Sun was either in Hexagram 11 or 56 (56 is the other end of the channel) then that would put my line 4 in detriment for the duration of the transit or the duration of the relationship.

I hope this was clear and helpful. Questions?

Lynda Bunnell

Friday, July 01, 2005

The Human Design System (2)

The Human Design System

“Know Yourself” by Lynda Stone

To understand Human Design you must first understand the foundation of this system. And the foundation is built on “Type”. Understanding our Type leads us to understanding our “Strategy” and without Type and Strategy Human Design does not exist.

There are four basic Types in Human Design and they are the Generator, Manifestor, Projector and Reflector.

Each Type has a function or role that they play. The Generator is here to use their energy for work; the Manifestor is here to use their energy to initiate; the Projector is here to guide; and the Reflector is here to judge how we are all doing in society.

Each Type has a “way” in which they operate or function in the world that works best for them and this is called “Strategy”. Knowing our Strategy helps each of us to work best with our own energy system in terms of how to operate it correctly as we interact with others. We can think of our energy system or bodies as vehicles and it is through Human Design that we get the operating instructions for our vehicles so that we can stop bumping into each other and things. Strategy helps us to eliminate ‘resistance’ in our lives and it helps us to get involved in things correctly.

The Strategy for a Generator is to “Respond” to life (rather than initiate).
The Strategy for a Manifestor is to “Inform” in life (rather than respond).
The Strategy for a Projector is to “Wait to be Invited” in life (rather than initiate).
The Strategy for a Reflector is to “Wait 28 days before making a Decision”.

These Strategies are simple. The difficult part is letting go of the conditioned habits that keep us from the simple.

In addition to Type and Strategy, we have “Authority”. Each of us has a personal “Authority” that we can listen to that guides us through decisions. Our Decisions shape our lives and are the most important thing that we do in life. Through Human Design we can discover how our personal Decision Making process works correctly for us as individuals. And guess what? Decisions made through the “Mind” are never the correct way. The different possible ways that people are designed to make decisions are many but the most common are:

Intuitive knowing in the now
Gut response
Knowing through emotional depth

For each person to know their Type, Strategy and Authority is true liberation. It’s only through experimenting with your Type, Strategy and Authority that you will truly see its power and magic.

Next month we will begin to take a closer look at the four different Types.

Love Yourself,

Lynda Bunnell

The Human Design System (1)

The Human Design System

“Know Yourself” by Lynda Bunnell
This is the first of a monthly column on the topic of Human Design.

I'm very excited to share Human Design with all of you and as I contemplate what to write about, I’m just a bit bewildered as to where to begin.... There is so much to say; a good place to start might be in sharing with you what benefits are available to us through Human Design. To me the very important and distinct things people get from Human Design are ....

Human Design teaches us how to eliminate resistance in our lives so that we get back into the flow of life and experience life according to our true nature.... which is expressed through our unique individual Design.

Human Design teaches us to know how to make decisions that are correct for us each and every time, by understanding how to access our unique "knowing".

It shows us how and where our childhood and life-time conditioning has taken us off our path and it shows us how to recover from this and get back on our correct path.

It shows us why it is essential for us to surrender and let go of trying to figure out our life from our mind and how and why our mind keeps us stuck.

It is through the understanding of these essential things that we are able to eliminate all the unnecessary "noise" in our life that distracts us. When we live according to our true nature and consistently make decisions that are correct for us, we get out of our own way and allow our unique "Role" and "Purpose" in life to unfold and emerge.

Living according to our Design and making correct decisions are really the most important things we can possibly do in life. Human Design shows us how to live according to our Design and why taking the responsibility of decision making away from the mental process serves us. It shows us why it is important to place the decision making process where it belongs....with our "knowing" and it shows us specifically how our "knowing" works in our individual and unique Designs.

As simple as this may sound, these pieces of personal knowledge will profoundly empower you as an individual and literally transform your life. For myself, I can confidently say that I have found the ultimate tool for personal power, growth and transformation.

I love understanding people at this level.... who we are and why we do the things we do; why we innocently live a life that is not correct for us; where and how we received conditioning as children and how we can live a life that is correct for us now; through Human Design our purpose and role in life is revealed; and most importantly it gives us the tools that EMPOWER us to live the life we are Designed to live.

When Human Design found me my search ended. I discovered myself like never before and here I am, ready, willing and able to share this with you.

Self acceptance….. To truly accept oneself and to truly love oneself.....this is what I want to share with you. So, beginning next month and for the next few months, I’ll take you on a journey through the Human Design System.

Love Yourself,

Lynda Bunnell


Hi All,

Here is a transcription of a talk Ra gave on "Auras" for the different types. I thought it was interesting:


Now, we have all kinds of speculation about the nature of the aura. In order for us to connect with the other, in order for us to be directly conditioned-in other words, you have a gate in a channel and it's open and somebody has a gate in the same channel at the other end, the harmonic gate-in order for that definition to come into existence your auras have to make contact.

But they make contact in different ways. And different auras have different sizes. The first thing about the size of the aura, the size of the aura is not static. It breathes. If you're an urbanite and you have to get on the subway you're going to pull your aura in. And when I say you are going to pull, it's not that you consciously do that. Your aura will pull in. In other words, the aura breathes. And it's very important not to see it as something that is static. It's not like you're moving in a fixed shell, like you're inside an egg or something. You really have to understand that this is something that is breathing.

More than that, that breathing fluctuation can go from being quite large-so for example, if you stand up and you place your arms up in the air away from you, spreading your arms as far as they can so you've got your full wingspan, if you double the length of that distance, twice an arm length on either side going all the way around you in every direction, that's approximately the maximum potential. Now, if you think carefully about that, what that means is that if you're living in an apartment building and your bedroom has a common wall with a neighbor next door, they're always sleeping with you.

I don't want to shock any of you, but I truly want you to understand that. If you're living in one of these modern buildings that has a very low ceiling, then you're in contact with those that are above you, and you're in contact with those that are below you. Your aura will go through anything. It does go through walls. If you're living beside a street and there is a room in your house or your flat that is very close to a pedestrian walkway everybody walking by walks through your house. It's something to keep in mind.

So the aura is more than something that's static. The aura is something that is breathing. But that's not what I really want to talk to you about today. I want you to understand that each type has a unique aura. Now, that's just logical. Each type is a very specific configuration genetically. They operate very differently from each other. Their strategies are different from each other. And it's essential to see that it also is evident in their aura. So let me describe to you the four different auras of the four types.

The Manifestor Aura

We're going to begin with the Manifestor aura. Now, the whole thing about the Manifestor aura is that when the Manifestor aura meets another aura-when a Manifestor meets either a generator, a projector, or a reflector-their auras contract. In other words, there is something in the Manifestor aura that carries a certain repellant quality. And it's not so much that it's a repellant quality, there is no attraction-none. In other words, in the Manifestor aura the attractiveness of their magnetic monopole is limited. They're not pulling as hard, in that sense, to get the other to them.

Now, the reaction of the other is a pull-back. This is why the moment that a Manifestor comes into the world its parents are going to have this "uh, oh" reaction. In other words, there is this pulling back of "we'd better be careful." And all of that is simply because the aura of the Manifestor is not inviting. It doesn't have this kind of pull. It's one of the things to understand about the nature of Manifestor strategy is that the strategy is intended to overcome this. In other words, the moment that the Manifestor informs, it's actually compensating for the fact that its aura can't do that because the aura doesn't pull the other in.

The Generator Aura

When we're dealing with the vast majority of humanity-after all, manifestors are about 9 percent of the human population-the vast majority of humanity is generators. And when you're dealing with the generator aura you're dealing with the most open of all auras. It is the most welcoming of all auras. It is the most magnetic of all auras. The moment that a generator aura meets another generator aura, as an example, there is this immediate coming together. In other words, these auras will just move in with each other. And if they find common frequency they're going to be able to establish a bond.

But it's important to understand if you're a generator why it's so difficult for you to deal with your not-self and why your strategy of response is so important. You're designed to respond because the outside forces are designed to touch you deeply, deeply. In other words, your gift of response is based on the fact that you don't miss anything when you get an aura coming into you. You can grab all of that in order to respond correctly. There is no guessing. Your strategy is not a compensation for what your aura cannot accomplish. It's why I always tell generators don't worry, life will come to you. You don't have to be concerned about this or that or the other, that you will never get it, that you will have to pretend you're an initiator. Your aura is designed to welcome the outside. And in doing so, and being so open at the auric level, the ability then to be able to make correct responses according to your authority.

The Projector Aura

When we're dealing with a projector, the projector aura is very focused. If you could actually see the projector aura at work, you would see that it sort of forms, rather than being kind of round and taking you, or round and not letting you in the way the Manifestor aura does, this is an aura that focuses down to a kind of thrusting arm that punches into the other aura. It's quite different. It's one of the things to understand about the nature of the projector, that the awakening for the projector is only through the understanding of the other. And that the interest of projectors is focused on the other, and they're focused on the other specifically. Their aura is very good at penetrating one aura at a time. They are designed to be able to penetrate those auras.

After all, they're a non-energy type. They're going in specifically for something. How important it is for projectors to study and understand the nature of the other because that's what they're about. That's what they're here to do. And that's what their aura is doing all the time. So many projectors run into difficulties in this life because they are rejected by others because the other feels this penetrating focused aura. And if it's not connected with proper action with the correctness of the inner authority of the projector, this is something that is going to be resented. This is going to feel like this is something coming in to take something out rather than coming in to provide something.

The Reflector Aura

And finally, the reflector; the reflector aura for me is very interesting. It is similar to the Manifestor aura. The difference with the reflector aura is it's like the reflector aura is covered with Teflon. The reflector always goes along the edge of other auras, it never merges. It can't. And its strategy is not a compensation for that. After all, it is ultimately the role of the awakened reflector to be the perfect weatherman, or weatherwoman. That is, they are the ones in tune with the program, and can tell whether their environment is also in tune with the program because of the nature of their openness.

One of the things to recognize about their aura is that because that aura has this Teflon quality, what it means is that they're here to sample auras on the surface. They're sampling the other aura's interaction with the neutrino field, and the neutrino ocean, and the relationship of the other to that field of consciousness.

The aura is an extraordinary thing. Each and every one of you according to your type has an aura that does the talking. Let your aura do the talking. Recognize that this is the way in which you interact with the world. And see very clearly that in order for your aura to be healthy, in order for you to be healthy; you need to honor the strategy of your type. And then your aura and you are one.

Lynda Bunnell