Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Nine Centers

The Nine Centers

The foundation of the Rave Body Graph circuitry is the nine centers.

Head - Inspiration - Pineal
Ajna - Mind - Anterior & Posterior Pituitary
Throat - Manifestation - Thyroid & Para-Thyroid
G - The Self - Liver
Heart - Ego - Thymus/Stomach
Spleen - Immunity - Lymphatic System
Solar Plexus - Emotions - Kidney/Pancreas
Sacral - Fertility - Ovaries & Testes
Root - Kundalini - Adrenalin

The nine centers have different responsibilities and are associated with different biologies and biological functions. The centers (except the G and Throat) have group functions:

The Pressure Centers - Head and Root
The Motors - Heart, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Root
The Centers of awareness - Spleen, Ajna & Solar Plexus

The Throat center and the G center have unique functions within the circuitry. Whatever the potential may be of any center, only Definition indicates whether this center is active or not. Definition is a graphic key to analysis. There are channels throughout the body Graph. These channels act as connecting agents to bring together the potentials of the centers into an integrated system.

There are numbered Gates throughout the Body Graph. They are activated by the planets at the moment of birth. When the gates have been activated at either end of a channel, opening up the flow of information between the two, this is called Definition. This is graphically illustrated by coloring in the entire channel and the linked centers. Definition is by its very nature fixed, it does not change. It is the most stable feature of an individual's Design. What is defined in the individual Rave Chart will always be defined until the end of the Life. It does not change. It is therefore consistent and reliable.

Definition is the heart of Design Analysis. It is the basic binary. It is either on or off. There is no gray area. Since Definition is consistent throughout the life and can be relied upon, it is in fact our true nature. It is not however, the nature that an individual necessarily lives out. All human Designs are variations of ratios between what is defined and what is not. It is not a question of which is better. They are different. Where Definition is consistent and reliable, lack of Definition is inconsistent, unreliable and always open to conditioning. This is the most profound and accessible feature of Human Design circuitry. Written above the ancient Oracle of Delphi was the statement, "Know Thyself." It is our sole human purpose. There can be no surrender without absolute self-knowledge.

It is quite common for students of Design to begin with the notion that Definition is superior to lack of Definition. The value of Definition is that it is reliable, an anchor, but it is fixed and therefore limited. Areas without Definition are open and therefore have a wide potential for experience. The key is awareness not Definition. To understand where you are subject to conditioning, frees the individual from identifying with the conditioning and opens up a window to awareness. More important, in terms of the human life experience, in a world where everyone was completely defined, we would never want or need each other!

written by Ra Uru Hu