Friday, July 01, 2005

The Human Design System (2)

The Human Design System

“Know Yourself” by Lynda Stone

To understand Human Design you must first understand the foundation of this system. And the foundation is built on “Type”. Understanding our Type leads us to understanding our “Strategy” and without Type and Strategy Human Design does not exist.

There are four basic Types in Human Design and they are the Generator, Manifestor, Projector and Reflector.

Each Type has a function or role that they play. The Generator is here to use their energy for work; the Manifestor is here to use their energy to initiate; the Projector is here to guide; and the Reflector is here to judge how we are all doing in society.

Each Type has a “way” in which they operate or function in the world that works best for them and this is called “Strategy”. Knowing our Strategy helps each of us to work best with our own energy system in terms of how to operate it correctly as we interact with others. We can think of our energy system or bodies as vehicles and it is through Human Design that we get the operating instructions for our vehicles so that we can stop bumping into each other and things. Strategy helps us to eliminate ‘resistance’ in our lives and it helps us to get involved in things correctly.

The Strategy for a Generator is to “Respond” to life (rather than initiate).
The Strategy for a Manifestor is to “Inform” in life (rather than respond).
The Strategy for a Projector is to “Wait to be Invited” in life (rather than initiate).
The Strategy for a Reflector is to “Wait 28 days before making a Decision”.

These Strategies are simple. The difficult part is letting go of the conditioned habits that keep us from the simple.

In addition to Type and Strategy, we have “Authority”. Each of us has a personal “Authority” that we can listen to that guides us through decisions. Our Decisions shape our lives and are the most important thing that we do in life. Through Human Design we can discover how our personal Decision Making process works correctly for us as individuals. And guess what? Decisions made through the “Mind” are never the correct way. The different possible ways that people are designed to make decisions are many but the most common are:

Intuitive knowing in the now
Gut response
Knowing through emotional depth

For each person to know their Type, Strategy and Authority is true liberation. It’s only through experimenting with your Type, Strategy and Authority that you will truly see its power and magic.

Next month we will begin to take a closer look at the four different Types.

Love Yourself,

Lynda Bunnell