Sunday, July 03, 2005

Difference in Waiting Strategy between Generators and Projectors

I'm not sure who wrote this but found it this morning. Enjoy.

Q: I was wondering what you think: how does the projector's invitation differ from the response of the generator? Of course, there is the obvious sacral response, but what I mean is for example - the ad at the bottom of update 50 seeking a programmer for Jovian Net. This seems directed toward generators. Would this also apply to projectors? Or is the difference that the projector's invitation must come personally? A: Your question is a very important one; the difference between the generator strategy and the projector strategy.

The difference lies in the energy. As you know, generators are energy types and projectors are non-energy types. Thus, the waiting of an energy type is very different from the waiting in a non-energy type. As you also probably know, the generator with all that stockpiled energy gets very frustrated. Most of the time the frustration arises because they already tried to manifest and are currently doing the wrong thing with their energy. The moment they stop trying to pursue something; a goal, an idea etc, their energy falls into its natural state and the universe begins to spin around them in a correct manner. Then the moment-to-moment response begins to kick in, and over time, seeing their life begin to blossom, they begin to relax. They begin to realise that life always finds a way of prodding them. At this point life starts becoming their friend, instead of something they are always trying to dominate and control.

The projector on the other hand has a different kind of wait. You might assume that because they have no sacral constantly trying to get them to move, that they have an easier wait. It's not true. If anything, waiting is harder for a projector. It's harder because they cannot immediately see their energy working in response. The moment a projector knows their design, they have more to risk than anyone else. The generator leaves their reading and can begin their experiment the moment they leave the house; they can see that waiting for a taxi brings one much more quickly than trying to find a phone and track down a taxi-number and order one. Response is immediate because life itself is the initiator.

The projector has to realise that people are the key for them. Invitations almost always come from people, one way or another, and they always have the flavour of recognition. Because the projector has no sacral, they are always running off the energy of others. Thus the quality of that energy becomes most important of all. Projectors can never fulfil their destiny without others coming to them. Projectors are guides. They have to wait for invitations that speak specifically to them. Such invitations are rare. They are rare, but if the projector waits, they will come. A single correct invitation can keep a projector busy for the rest of their life. The projector's challenge is to kill the programme inside them that runs off fear. It is the fear that they will not get a better opportunity, so they make a compromise with someone who doesn't recognise them. Projectors are great at talking themselves into compromising, and in doing so, they always short-change themselves and end up feeling bitter inside somewhere.

The other difference between the 2 strategies of the generator and projector is that the generator's strategy is forever; they have to wait and respond over and over again until they die. The projector strategy only holds for the most important decisions in their life; job, relationships, where to live, travel etc.....

The moment the projector has received the invitation and been given the energy, they no longer have to wait. Naturally, it is always optimal for them to wait for instance, to be invited to speak, but once the energy has found them, they have access to clear manifesting power. Projector's lives hinge on these key moments; these key invitations. They have to be ruthless in turning away even a hint of compromise.

So, you see, it is not a simple question to answer in a few words. In response to your question about an advertisement, yes, that is a preliminary invitation of course, but the real invitation will only show itself (or not) after you have applied for the job. If the interview offers you exactly what you need, and I mean, exactly, only then can you consider that these are people that you can work with. If it sounds 80 percent OK to you and you need the money, go ahead and compromise, but it's not the job for you, and you will have closed the door on the right job coming your way. It's the fear that does this to projectors, it's always the same fear. Do you see how deep it is? ; the fear of not being seen.

These two types comprise over 90% of humanity. They need each other. There are more than enough of each type to go around. Waiting always brings the reward. I once heard a lady ask Ra Uru Hu; "OK, but how long will I have to wait?" and, fixing her with his beady eye, he told her," lady, you can't be half-pregnant.

Lynda Bunnell