Sunday, July 03, 2005


A tidbit From Ra:

Never forget that everybody is making an essential contribution to the totality and in many ways making contributions that are really quite profound without them ever, ever having any notion of that whatsoever. The program is designed in a way in which it recognizes that we are immature, and have a ways to go. It will allow us slowly but surely to finally fall into this Maya, so that we can complete in a conscious state what our contribution is. You do not get to see what you are here for until you are living out your nature in this Maya – only then. With the embrace of the Maya, understanding how it works, everything changes. It doesn't get in the way.

There are some people who despite whatever their gifts, powers or whatever may be, who have no presence. You don't really feel them. You don't really have a sense of them. They are the kind of people who you always forget that they were there at the party. They are the ones that you can't quite remember. They don't really have this presence. You have to see that one of the real gifts of type is that it provides you with presence. I mean this is one of the most important byproducts of what type brings. Presence is about not being resisted but being noticed. It is always about some kind of attractive force that pulls you in one way or another toward something or someone.

If you are a generator, and I speak of generators because they are the vast majority, and you are living out your type waiting to respond, you naturally have presence. It's just there, and it will define you. The longer that you live out that process of being your type, the more and more you enrich and strengthen that sense of presence. In other words, you get noticed more because your energy is different. Your energy is actually in the flow, and one with the field that is around it. If we could take some kind of energy image of a human being showing how much of him is dealing with resistance, and then of somebody who is simply living out their type, you would see that her resistance field is gone. The moment that the resistance field is gone, what takes its place is presence.

Lynda Bunnell