Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Four Motors

The Four Motors

The Energy to Manifest

The Heart: Ego, Will Power, Thymus, Stomach
The Solar Plexus: Emotions, Kidney/Pancreas
The Sacral: Power of Fertility, Ovaries and Testes
The Root: Kundalini, Adrenalin

The quality of the motor determines the nature of the action and how it is perceived. If the throat is defined to the Heart center, the resulting action and speech will be fueled by will power and bolstered by the ego. The Throat defined to the Solar Plexus will fuel all conversations and actions with its emotional quality.

The ability to analyze a Rave chart despite what appears to be a complexity of material, is based on Common Sense. When the Throat is connected to the Heart, to the ego, it is obvious that all the actions and communications will carry the ego's quality and its willl power energy, regardless of whether the person wishes to be willful or not. It will be a quality that always defines them.

Overview analysis is based on having a strong foundation. The foundation is the simple truths, out of these simple truths all of the complexity grows. Where your energy comes from tells you a great deal about yourself and how to affect others. The Root center is the only motor that has no direct access to the Throat center. Its individual quality is always masked by the center it is defined to.

The four motors should not be misconstrued as simply being engines which empower the "Vehicle." Their function as motors is an aspect of their potential. Both the Solar Plexus and the Root as an example, have dual functions. The Solar Plexus is also one of the three centers of awareness, along with the Ajna and the Spleen, and this emotional awareness potential is of the utmost importance to humanity. It was noted above that the Root does not connect directly to the Throat. It is by far the most fundamental energy source. Except for the mental processes, there is not a single aspect of manifestation that is not dependent on Root energy. The ancients referred to this prime energy as Kundalini. With its biological affiliation to the Adrenal Glands, it is not difficult to imagine the power inherent in the Root center.

Like the Solar Plexus, the Root center has a dual function. It is one of the Body Graph's two Pressure centers.

Lynda Bunnell