Saturday, August 06, 2005

Open Ajna

I have a sense - don't know if I can fully express it into words yet, but that there are "Dimensions of Listening". And each person lives in their own Dimension of Listening. It's different for everyone based on their Design. For example, if you have an open Solar Plexus then your ability to listen is colored by the "not self" theme of trying to avoid confrontation. Does this make sense? Sandra mentioned how she experienced the open spleen as wanting to give answers to make the other person feel better, etc. I'm just really curious about what drives us and keeps us from feeling fully. For example, if we give answers to make others feel better then what are we avoiding by doing that? Are we avoiding feeling their feelings so we block what is happening? And why do we want to "make" them feel better? Thank you all for being so open to exploring this.

Anyway here is the list

Open Ajna "Not-Self" behavior:

- Giving in to the pressure to have an answer
- Being so used the conditioning, not really being aware that there is pressure to have an answer - it's become a habit
- Not being fully present because the open Ajna is working to develop an answer or comment while pretending to listen
- Finishing other person's sentences before the person gets a chance to finish expressing their thought
- Impatience with listening because they already know what the other is going to say (or they think they do)
- Pressure to Tell people what you think they want to hear or giving answers you think they want
- Needing to be mentally "certain" about things
- Being a "know it all"

Lynda Bunnell