Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Attraction field

Hi all,

I've been thinking about this concept of Attraction - I've heard lots of talk and read lots of stuff about the "attraction field". That we attract what we think or we attract by the vibe we put out there. Or we attract what we resonate with. Our thoughts attract our reality. Or, our thoughts create our reality, etc. I'm wondering if it is really our thoughts that create our reality.

After listening to Ra's radio program on the theme of the 'nodes' it got me to thinking about my own nodes a lot and I have been doing a lot of reflecting around this. I've been wondering about how the nodes play into the concept of "attraction field".

In Human Design terms we are an attraction field. The Magnetic Monopole which sits in the G Center pulls to us all the people, places and experiences we are supposed to have in order for the potential of who we are to have an opportunity to express fully. It's our not self mental strategy/conditioning that messes this up and causes us to get off track with our purpose.

To get the details of what the Magnetic Monipole pulls to us, among other things, we can look at our Nodes in our Design chart. Our 'node' (the horseshoe shaped symbols in our charts) position in our chart represent the 'environment' that we live in, and the environment that we live in shapes how we see life, and our experiences of life. It's our learning environment.

I'll use myself as an example....My Personality nodes are the 34/20 (channel of Charisma; gates of 'power'(34) and 'contemplation'(20)).

My environment has always been filled with both powerful people and people who contemplate. A big part of my history (23 years) was spent in the corporate world and it was filled with power. I had to look at Power from many angles. Mainly I interacted with people in powerful positions. I saw power plays, I was involved in power maneuvers, I had confrontations with power. I saw all types of power from both ends of the spectrum.

And on the other hand, I lead a very spiritual life; a life of contemplation (20); In my personal life away from work I spent my time with others who were on the spiritual path. I studied many forms of contemplation and it permeated my reality.

It felt like a very dualistic life. Power/Contemplation. Like I was living two lives that were so very different.

Most of the challenges and lessons in my life have been around dealing with people on power trips and getting into confrontations with them. I used to allow myself to be sucked into these dramas. I'm doing my very best now to use 'contemplation' and waiting out my wave when I'm presented with something like this. My old habit was to react. My father was constantly getting into power struggles and he has the 34!

So, my environment has been and is teaching me how to recognize power that is out of balance, how to use power in a healthy way, what is this thing power, etc. and to contemplate (wait) before engaging with anyone on a power trip or just don't engage with them at all. Walk away. The best thing for me to do is to stand up for myself with my truth and then let it go. If the other person does not let it go then it is not my problem.

'They' say that we attract to us the lessons we need to learn until we get them and if we don't get the lesson that the message gets 'bigger' and bigger. This does feel true. I'm thinking that the Nodes are a big part of our attraction field and will give us clues as to what we are going to attract/be involved with in order to grow and develop.

The other thing that I have noticed about the 34/20, which is also called the channel of being busy, is that the environment around me is very busy! And, if I am not careful and not coming from my sacral response and waiting out my wave, I can get sucked right up and into that busyness and realize later that it was not for me.

It was great to get the insight that the 34/20 is my environment and not necessarily me. Truthfully, I can be very lazy and my buzyness comes and goes. Rest is important to me and a requirement.

In looking back on my life the 34/20 has certainly played a HUGE part in my growth/lessons and development.

Other areas in our design where the attraction field exists are the areas in our design that are white or have no definition. These white areas are where we experience the environment. It is what we are attracted to because it is what we are not and we are always curious about what we are not. Not only are we curious about what we are not but we actually attract what we are not so that we can have that experience.

This is especially true for the white spaces in our designs that have been defined by our parents or siblings. This represents the long term conditioning field we grew up in and when we leave home we continue to be drawn to these same conditions and definitions because it is familiar and we get to play out the same scenarios as adults because of this. That is why we continue to pull to us the same issues to look at over and over again until we transcend them.

I think the transcendence comes when we stop reacting to the circumstance in the same way as before. Transcendence comes when we can have a new experience of ourselves in relation to our environment. When our interpretation of the event changes then our experience of it changes. This is the key.

Anyone out there care to look at your own nodes and see if you can see how they have impacted your life? Or just share your own thoughts about this if you like.

Lots of love,

Lynda Bunnell